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About TemplatePath

Who We Are & How We Craft Beautiful Themes

What We Do and Why?

All most all of the WordPress themes these days try to achieve everything and be there for everyone to use. Obviously, this is a bad thing considering that they become slow to work with and take more time to load. People have to learn to design their webpages from scratch. Most of the time, they have to code the theme again to get the website they want. As a result, the final website takes time to be built. This indeed takes a lot of effort on your part. Why would you buy a WordPress Theme if you want to correct so many aspects of it by yourselves? We believe in a philosophy that simplicity is the way to go. You can use our themes for niche website designs. Our themes come with essential features that small businesses like yours need and care about.
In short: Our mission is to deliver beautiful, smart, and powerful websites in a quick time.

How We Work!

We’re perfecting and polishing our craft of theme development for about 7 years now. Over the years, more than 50k+ websites have used and are still using the themes we developed. We are a team of 25 trained individuals who specialize in every aspect of theme development and are able to take care of a myriad of issues that arise when developing a complicated theme. We are meticulous in our work process. We strive to find perfection in our work through:

  • Researching popular and demanding niches that NEED good websites for representing them.
  • We analyze successful websites of a particular niche and pick the traits that make it so. Then, we implement the traits into our themes.
  • We also interview business owners to learn about their preferences in terms of features and benefits that they want in a theme. Thus, we can later implement them in our themes as well.
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We don’t just design a theme and call it a day. We take all the experiences we get from our projects and improve. It enables us to design timeless themes (that still sell like crazy). These themes deliver every little benefit that a business owner needs for his agency’s growth. You can wow new clients and offer value to the existing ones using your website. No doubt your clients will form a long-term relationship with you and might offer your services to others as well.